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There are actually a myriad of factors that needs to be deemed when aiming to detect winners in greyhound racing. For clarity I will break them down into sub-sections.

The Draw

This is the 1st thing to consider. What we imply by attract could be the traps the스포츠중계 greyhounds operate from. The racing manager or handicapper would be the person who decides, determined by preceding performances, the entice from which a greyhound will start off.

Has he / she bought it ideal and may the greyhound get a transparent run?

Locating The Chief

It goes devoid of saying that if we are able to find the chief we're fifty percent strategy to backing a winner. Examine the split situations with the runners. Take note of the general standard of early-speed. Dont be hoodwinked by just one fast sectional set in opposition to others which have been persistently slower.

The Class

Here is the racing supervisors estimation of any particular greyhounds class at any unique time.

A typical grading method would be to present a prefix for a particular length, By way of example, a 475 metres race at Walthamstow has an A prefix and 640 metres an S prefix. The letter is accompanied by a variety which gives the grade, or class, of the race. An A9 occasion could be the bottom, For example and an A1 the best.

Greyhounds will go inside these parameters based upon their performances. Since they achieve this it can come to be noticeable that MLB중계 - 버튼티비 some greyhound are likely to acquire at sure ranges.

After a time period they may settle right into a pattern of regular competing with two or thre grades (eg A1-A3). You might detect canine successful consistently a one level but struggling when upped in school.


Bitches coming back from seasonal rest most commonly drop into this group.

They typically return for their greatest type at all-around 16-twenty weeks just after heading into time, the date of which is proven Evidently on the race card.

As a result of a period of inactivity caused by season bitch return to racing in a reduced level (eg an A1 performer may return in an A5).


A prosperous punter will establish when a bitch is probably going to return to her finest and devote accordingly.


Watch out for canines working around a length that is clearly Incorrect for them. It would certainly be a Canine remaining strongly in excess of say 475 metres at Walthamstow. He / she could properly be worthy of an financial investment when specified a race about say 640 metres.

Around the flip facet, a Puppy not finding home over 640 metres might effectively shell out dividends to stick to more than 475 metres.