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You'll find a myriad of variables that should be thought of when attempting to identify winners in greyhound racing. For clarity I will https://en.search.wordpress.com/?src=organic&q=스포츠중계 break them down into sub-sections.

The Draw


This can be the initially thought. What we indicate by draw is the traps the greyhounds run from. The racing manager or handicapper could be the individual that decides, determined by prior performances, the trap from which a greyhound will commence.

Has she or he got it correct and can the greyhound get a transparent run?

Discovering The Chief

It goes without having stating that if we are able to discover the chief we're fifty percent approach to backing a winner. Compare the break up periods of your runners. Take into consideration the general volume of early-speed. Dont be hoodwinked by one speedy sectional established from Many others that are constantly slower.

The Class

This is actually the racing managers estimation of any unique greyhounds course at any individual time.

A normal grading process might be to give a prefix for a selected distance, for instance, a 475 metres race at Walthamstow has an A prefix and 640 metres 스포츠중계 an S prefix. The letter is followed by a variety which gives the quality, or class, from the race. An A9 party could well be the lowest, for instance and an A1 the best.

Greyhounds will transfer inside these parameters depending on their performances. Because they accomplish that it can turn into clear that some greyhound often gain at particular ranges.

Following a stretch of time they may settle right into a pattern of normal competing with two or thre grades (eg A1-A3). You will detect canine profitable consistently a a person stage but having difficulties when upped in class.


Bitches getting back from seasonal relaxation most usually slide into this group.

They generally return to their greatest kind at all over 16-twenty weeks soon after heading into time, the date of which happens to be proven Plainly around the race card.

As a result of a duration of inactivity due to time bitch return to racing at a reduce level (eg an A1 performer could return in an A5).

A successful punter will detect whenever a bitch is probably going to return to her best and devote accordingly.


Be careful for pet dogs running over a distance that is definitely clearly wrong for them. It'd be a Canine being strongly about say 475 metres at Walthamstow. He / she might perfectly be truly worth an investment when specified a race in excess of say 640 metres.

To the flip aspect, a dog not acquiring household over 640 metres may possibly effectively shell out dividends to stick to in excess of 475 metres.